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philosophy of professional nursing practice

No abstract is needed
From a historical perspective, Florence Nightingales nursing work continues to provide significant influence in creating nursing knowledge, cultures of safety, and nursings call to improve the health of the community
What is your philosophy of professional nursing practice? What is your perceived view of nursing? What are your enduring values that brought you to nursing? How do you describe patient, health, environment, and nursing? How does this worldview influence your nursing care? Has your worldview of nursing practice changed as a result of your nursing experiences? Please take into consideration these questions and include your answers in your paper.

*The following criteria are used to assign points to Assignment *
*Introduction (must be a paragraph)
*Discuss your own philosophy of professional nursing practice. Include 4 or more characteristics that describe your philosophy of nursing . Introspective and reflective remarks must be evident.
*What influences may be aligned with the work of Florence Nightingale?
*Incorporate topics from readings and exploration of course and other scholarly resources. Include introspective discussion and remarks that demonstrate your individual lens describing the practice of nursing. See below for topics from readings.
*Conclusion (must be a paragraph)

Discussion topics that we discussed that should be incorporated in paper instructions
Why nurse theorists created their theories?
Three broad categories that classify nursing theories.
Do any of the components or criteria of evaluating a nursing theory seem more significant than other?
Is the lack of a component detrimental in some way to the usefulness of the theory?
Who would you partner with to complete an in-depth theory evaluation in your practice setting?
In what ways do you think Nightingales ideas about nursing seemed radical when she first proposed them? Review the 11 Assumptions that summarize Nightingales philosophy of nursing. Of these 11 Assumptions, which points have resonance for you? Provide a rationale..

The written philosophy of nursing is presented in a well-organized thoughtful paper. Include external scholarly resources to support your position.
Paper is written in APA style
Each paragraph must have a title
Length of paper should be 3 4 pages (body of text). Length of written discourse does not include the title page, figures, diagrams or reference pages.
Uses 4 or more contemporary scholarly sources. Exploration of external course resources apparent.