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Pick one of the topics below and write an essay answer the question of the topic chosen.

Choose one of the following topics:Q1: Is the economy more important than society?Q2: Is the formation of the National Cabinet and the suspension of Parliament for 5 months a threat to the separation of powers and democracy?Q3: What do the state, territory, and federal governments’ responses to COVID-19 tell us about the division of power in contemporary Australia? (You can use a case study for this – i.e., Ruby Princess)Q4: On 22 March 2020, the LNP federal government announced a $189 billion taxpayer-funded rescue package in response to COVID-19. The stimulus package goes against LNP ideology. Some have argued they have become socialist whilst others claim they are saving capitalism. What do you think and why?********Important notes:*********- Mention at least 3 of the following topics:+The Political Executive+Federalism and the Division of Powers+The Judiciary+ Australian Political Parties+Australian Citizenship+The news media+National Security & Terrorism-Include views of those who may disagree with your argument and explain to them before you defend your position.- Represent the views of those who may disagree.- Demonstrate your understand of what they argue.-Provide clear support FACTS, EVIDENCE, to back your own ARGUMENTS.-Use research (articles, books,…) to back your arguments. Minimum use of 12 references but you can add more but all references have to reflective and use in the essay.-MOST importantly***: the answer to the essay question, including the structure of the argument, adequacy of examples, and use of facts to support the argument and soundness of conclusions. Provide clear answer(s) to the question(s).-Please use appropriate evidence to support your claims.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow the rubric provided.