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Policy Briefing with Policy Recommendations

Here you must decide if you are providing a policy briefing with policy recommendations on the situation in the South China Seas as described in the case study for either:

President Xi of China; or

President Trump of the US.

Your briefing paper should be no longer than 500 words. It must follow the following structure:

1.) Framing of the Situation (short, 2-3 sentences describing the situation in the South China Sea)

2.) Options Available (short, outline 2-3 options you believe are on the table)

3.) Historical analogy (“situation we are facing is like x case, and here is the lesson that we should learn from that case …” that you believe explains the situation and justifies your recommendation)

4.) Recommendation and Anticipated Outcomes (tell leader what they do should based on your reading of the situation and the historical analysis from the case study; and most importantly you must outline how this action will be received by the other state).