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Power failure: the inside story of the collapse of Enron

1. Introduce the author, the historical period and topic of the book. Tell the reader what genre of history this work belongs to or what approach the author has used. Set out the main argument. 2. Summarize the books organization and give a little more detail about the authors sub-arguments. Here you would also work in your assessment of the evidence and sources used. 3. Strengths and weaknesses or flaws in the book are usually discussed next.. 4. In the conclusion, you may state your recommendations for readership unless that has been covered in your discussion of the books strengths and weaknesses. You might review how convincing the argument was, say something about the importance or uniqueness of the argument and topic, or describe how the author adds to our understanding of a particular historical question. ALSO( Use MLA format and include at least 4 citations from the book. You must include, therefore a bibliography page.)