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Practical Example of Project Management

To include list of tasks – numbered so they can be cross referenced against Assessment CriteriaScenario/Background:Agate Systems has a record of reasonable success in the field of information technology. Over the past two years a considerable investment in hardware and telecommunications has been made. The information technology (IT) department have decided to invest in new software and information systems for the coming year.The company has decided to replace the existing Sales. Accounting and Marketing systems. The time is now October 26th 2020, and all three systems must go live by the end of 2021.Task:Taking careful note of the Project Standards, produce the following: Gantt chart. Network Diagram (using Activity on Arrow) clearly showing the critical path. If possible, a drawing tool, such as Visio, should be used for the production of the diagram. Allocation (with brief justification) of staff to activities. Project costing. Assuming that PRINCE2 is being used as a project management framework, discuss a monitoring and reviewing strategy for the project, giving examples of templates which could be utilized.