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Practical Financial Managment

Coordination of capstone individual or team assignment/ individual or team paper/individual or team PowerPoint (mandatory narration for online classes): Students will choose to complete the capstone either individually, or within teams. Students will coordinate the final capstone project, which consists of a comprehensive APA formatted, 18-21 page paper and PowerPoint presentation. The assignment will draw upon course material, activities, discussions, and previous exercises to develop an in-depth analysis paper on a private, municipal, or non-profit organization. The selection will be a private organizations annual report or municipal city or non-profit budget that your team has been utilizing this term. Your analysis, paper and presentation will be in the form of a case study. You will: 1) identify the organization 2) provide a brief overview of its structure, including employment demographics 3) type and purpose of the organization 4) determine the organizations mission and goals 5) overall financial stability 6) identification and ability of stakeholders 7) identification and explanation of various financial management forms 8) financial reporting analysis, including results of independent auditor findings, and report findings to stakeholders 9) determine the future outlook of the organization and its ability or inability to solve debt problems. The report will conclude with you or your team formulating professional managerial recommendations that may increase profitability for those private organization selections, or increase service levels for public organization selections. This assignment must include appropriate biblical integration, explanation, and applicability from a managerial perspective.