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Problem Identification

Assignment 1: Problem Identification
In this assignment, draw on facts you uncovered from your previous two assignments (external and internal analysis, stakeholder analysis), write a short memo to identify the root problem for the company.
For each case, the case study material presented multiple issues the company is facing. In our terms, we call these “symptoms”. We are able to directly observe these and take them from the case. Now, our job is to look behind these “symptoms” and find out what is the root cause of these “symptoms”. (See case study lecture to refresh your memory of our analogy about “symptoms” and “root causes”).
As an example, a retail company may be suffering from declining sales, unhappy customers, and unmotivated employees – these are all “symptoms” we can observe directly from the company. However, what caused these issues? Is it a bad location? An outdated strategy that does not adapt to changes? Unable to keep up with newly developed industry trends? etc. Only when we find what has CAUSED the “symptoms”, can we truly find the “solution”? Otherwise, simply reducing price, promoting more sales event, bombarding customer emails with promotional junk mails, may not create any long term sustainable competitive advantage that would result in better performance.
So in this memo, please briefly state what are the “symptoms” you found the case has written about your company; then dig out the “root cause” of these symptoms – provide logical reasoning for your analysis.
The memo should draw on your external and internal analysis and should take stakeholders into consideration. There is no word count requirement, reflect your best work to identify the problem for your company.