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Problem or project in the workplace

For this essay, describe a project or complication that you have experienced in the workplace and what was learned from it.

What was the event or complication?
Who was involved and what emotions did they experience?
What specific problems or conflicts were faced?
What was the outcome?
What did you learn from the experience? (thesis)
The overall structure of your descriptive essay should look something like this.

Introduction and thesis
Background details (time and place)
Description and Significance (What happened and why does it matter?)
Resolution (What actions were taken?)
For this assignment, you will not use any external resources. However, you will need to format the essay in APA style. The seventh edition of the APA Style Manual has some important changes, so please use the APA essay template provided in the Files section.

Additional requirements include the following.

Two to three double-spaced pages (500-750 words), not including the title page
Typed and submitted in Microsoft Word format
12-point font, 1-in. margins, Times or Times New Roman style
An APA title page

Needs to be written in male perspective of any physical job