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process control-Injection Moulding

Assignment introduction
The structure of a material, and hence its mechanical properties, is often sensitive to the temperature and pressure it is exposed to during manufacturing (as well as the times and rates that the temperatures and pressures are applied). In addition, defects such as the surface finish and geometrical accuracy of a component are also sensitive to these variables. In any manufacturing process there are a number of factors related to the input material, equipment and/or tooling that can be controlled or varied, and understanding how these impact the final quality and properties of that component is vital to ensure that product requirements are met.
Assignment background
Your employer is looking to purchase an Injection Moulder, and a Sumitomo Demag system has been highly recommended to investigate further. Your manager has tasked you with providing the team, the CEO and the CFO with a report that helps them to understand the system which includes the following:
The process steps involved
What equipment is needed
How the machine is controlled
What else it could be used for
If the components will be the right size and look good (this is where you have an opportunity to show how smart you are to upper management)
What the limits of the process are
Thankfully you have been able to access The Dynisco Injection Molders Handbook, and the manual for the Demag NC5 Control.
Assignment specification
Students will be expected to investigate and understand how the process works, what variables can be controlled in the process, and how each of these variables related to final quality of the component (surface finish and dimensional accuracy). It is expected that students may need to do some literature/ independent research to fill in any gaps in their understanding to enable them to complete the report.
Students are welcome to discuss ideas and learnings amongst each other, however, the ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT MUST BE WRITTEN UP INDIVIDUALLY, including the preparation of figures for the report. Students are welcome to share RAW resources (such as journal papers or relevant websites) that assist in preparing the report or justifying explanations.
Assignment requirements
Each student will submit their OWN report that should be approximately 2000 words and include:
1. A clear, accurate and brief explanation of how the manufacturing process works, including;
a. Process Flow Chart (PFC) or Diagram (PFD) that clearly identifies the steps, inputs and equipment involved.
b. Identification of each variable that can be directly controlled by the operator of the equipment to prevent defects.
c. Identification of each variable that can be directly measured by the operator of the equipment to detect defects.
d. Identification of the type of materials that the manufacturing process is suitable for.
2. Identify the variables that impact the two quality issues below in the manufacturing process, with a detailed explanation of how and why pressure/force, temperature and time affect them (you will likely need to consult online or literature sources to be able to explain the mechanisms that cause these accurately);
a. Surface finish
b. Dimensional accuracy.
3. Clearly identify and explain the reason behind the key processing limits relevant to the manufacturing process that are based on:
a. Limits of the material being processed (choose two materials from 1d., explain the reasons then compare the two materials)
b. Limits of the equipment being used (this could be general principles and could also include differences in limits across different models)

Assessment criteria:
Clear and accurate explanation of the manufacturing process
Correct identification of the variables involved in the process
Demonstration of understanding of the link between process variables and the component/product quality
Demonstrated understanding of process limits
Quality of written report structure, grammar and presentation