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Production and sales of tobacco must be made illegal

The topic is about how production sales of tobacco must be made illegal. Remember this is an argument essay.This essay would be focused on the effects, consequences, and how advertising can take an effect on smokers. This will be considered as an effect argument.-7 sources are to be used (2 of them are from the ebooks I provide in file, the other 3 are opposing viewpoints from my school library)It is mandatory by my professor to be used. If the cites I provide are not enough information, please feel free to let me know. That way we can find more cites to work with that will fit the requirements.Feel free to ask me any questions about it as well. All other sources are for you to choose along as they are experts, scholarly, and credible websites sources.-Must include a work cited-Each source must be used at least twice. ( no more than 2 direct quotes in each paragraph)-no 1st or 2nd person pronouns or contractions please- should not be plagiarized.- an editing checklist will be provided on how my professor will be grading it- A research requirements will also be included