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The research note should consist of: – a 200-word abstract describing context, aim method and main conclusion(s) of the paper; – an introduction providing a brief description of the real-life industry or sector situation that is to be analyzed, a clear-cut formulation of the research questions, and an overview of the entire paper; – a good structure based on numbered subtitles; – a description of economic theory and concepts that will be used in your analysis, including graphs and algebraic expressions whenever appropriate; – application of economic theory and concepts to a real-life situation; – a conclusion that sums up the main findings of the analysis, provides a broader view on the subject, and formulates recommendations for future research or policy making; – a bibliography that follows the APA reference system and lists all references cited in the text. Main Part of the paper There are five theories of profit risk bearing theories frictional theory, monopoly theory ,innovation theory and managerial, study every theory if the measurement out of Danny what are the policies in order to achieve so you have to go into all the theories of profit that you will find in the literature and analyze each of it and then you can see you can look into the empirical literature and see which companies adopt to manage a real theory of profit which companies adopt the innovation theory of profit and so on. Then discuss the objective of the firm(pick any firm) is profit i maximization only the objective? Or there are other objectives like revenue maximization? why do they(the firms) always talk about so much in maximization? The Paper should consist of the following 4 parts:- 1. Introduction (usually written after finishing the core part of the essay) a) Thesis: what are you working on b) Economic relevance of the topic c) Research questions d) Arrangement of the paper 2. Literature survey a) Research already done in your area b) Where you fit it c) Read newspaper, articles, or blogs and formulate your thesis & research questions d) Read scholarly articles for analysis 3. Data & analysis a) Period considered source of data b) Answer some of your research questions 4. Conclusion and future agenda a) Summary of the paper & your position b) Looking forward to answer some of the questions as more data become available over time.