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Project Management skills

In this assignment there is separate heading for star technique but the requirement of the assignment is to write the assignment using star technique .in this assignment three competencies are separately mentioned and three project are discussed separately bellow separate headings. so what is needed to be done is to write reflective statement as a project manager on three projects that i have done in my life using a start technique of writing and stating the projects as ‘ i have done this and i have learned this ‘ you need to reflect on three projects that you have done using star technique and convince the reader that how these project was done and what project management competencies i have learned from these three projects and explain them .Use these Project Management CompetenciesResource Managementconflict ManagementProcurementyou can use any three projects to demonstrate these competencies in highly professional language using Project Management Terms .You can use new projects to describe the competencies either use the already mentioned three projects like .AC Power Control ProjectMini Inverter ProjectControlling Solar Energy Chargeor you can use the new projects which wont be preferable .Because if you use the new projects yo will have to edit the e portfolio file in accordance to that projects .and update the cv in e portfolio and mention the new projects you have worked on in cv projects area.i am attaching the e portfolio file tooroles and responsibility area in e portfolio cv section should also be updated and written in project management terms instead of electrical engineering terms