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Promoter Region Introduction

Purpose: This section should capture the readers attention and make them want to read more about your research. The introduction explains to someone outside your field why you are doing your research and introduces any background information essential to understanding the paper.
Content: You should include background information that is essential to understanding your research. The information you include should start broad, narrow down to your specific area, and end with the research question you want to answer.You will need to include at least four references for this section: the Henson paper (discussed later),two additional primary research articles and one review article. Questions:What is the current knowledge in this field? What questions have yet to be answered (Where are there gaps in the current knowledge)? Example: For example, here is a string of questions that start broad and get more specific: what is cancer? => what causes cancer? => what types of genes, when dysregulated, are involved in cancer? => how are genes regulated? => why is GPR183 an interesting gene that could be causative of a cancerous phenotype when dysregulated? => how is GPR183 regulated? (final research question).
Use the paper I included as one of the 4 sources. I have also attached what I have written so far for the research project.