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protection and incentive for healthcare workers caring for covid patients

Written Assignment – Research Paper and Mock InterviewThis assignment will be completed in student pairs. This assignment must be completed with senators Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin from Illinois. A statewide issue is selected to represent state constituencies.1. Thoroughly research an issue of concern to discuss with a legislator. Include the latest research on the topic and prior legislation that was enacted.2. Identify your state official utilizing or any state or federal .gov site. and include the following specific biographical information in your written tool kit (see rubric). Both legislators will be addressed in this section.a. What community or state do they represent?b. What is their party affiliation? Is it the majority or minority party?c. What is their position on this issue?d. Have they sponsored or opposed similar legislation?e. Identify committee memberships, leadership positions, and current committee assignments.f. What other legislation have they proposed?3. Identify the Masters nurses role in communicating and collaborating with legislators. Describe your role in participating in public comments, submitting a form letter, signing a petition, or writing an Op-Ed (Examples in Milstead and Short, 2019, Chapter 12).4. Create a Fact Sheet (one page) that would be left with the legislator following the interview (Milstead and Short, 2019, Chapter 12). Attach as an Appendix.a. Include the title of the issue.b. Outline what you request regarding support or action on the legislation.c. Provide evidence or research on the topic.d. List at least two professional organizations that support your position. Include your contact information.5. Develop 10 interview questions you would use in phone or face-to-face interview with your legislators. All questions must be specific and directly relate to your identified issue and how nursing can assist in this policy initiative. Avoid Yes-No questions.The paper length is 6-8 pages excluding the title and reference pages and the fact sheet.