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Psychology critical evaluation of research paper embodied cognition (mindfulness)

a critical evaluation of a research paper in psychology with the topic of mindfullness, all details and materials will be added. A summary (a small paragraph, 4 to 8 sentences) highlighting the articles main points of interest and providing a sentence reflecting your overall evaluation. A general evaluation, addressing the following points:Topicality of the researcho What is the general research topic of the paper?o Is the topic of current interest?Technical evaluationo How suited is the method to address the researchquestion?o How could the task, measurements or statistics beimproved?Validity of the authors data interpretationo How did the authors interpret their data?o Are there any other possible interpretations?3 An evaluation of the impact of the research in applied contextso Could the research lead to changes or recommendations in domains such as Education, Health, Criminal Justice or the Workplace?o Can you think of any follow-up studies that would strengthen the impact the research?word count: 1500-2000 wordsI want at least some references but there are not limits or restrictions for references. If you need anything else or have any questions please let me know 🙂