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Racism, Discrimination, Hate Crimes, Oppression

gives you the opportunity to identify ethical problems faced by individuals or communities and propose reasonable solutions. You will apply theories we covered in this course, and interpret various issues using a number of ethical theoretical constructs, both traditional and contemporary. You will analyze, evaluate, and distinguish between ethical theories to critique contemporary issues. This activity aligns with module outcomes 1 and 2.

Your essay should be 1,0001,200 words (45 pages), double-spaced, in APA format, and with 3 or more credible sources. Begin your essay by choosing one issue from the list below, and then choose a total of 6 theories (from the subsequent 3 options) to analyze your issue.

Choose one issue from the categories below, about which you feel most passionate:
Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics
Business or Health Care Ethics
Cloning, Stem Cell Research, Genetic Issues
Civil Liberties
Death Penalty
Drug Policy
End of (Human) Life Issues
Global Justice and Injustice
Racism, Discrimination, Hate Crimes, Oppression
War and Terrorism
Analyze your chosen issue using 6 theories. Choose 2 from each of the 3 categories listed below.
Choose 2 from the primary list:
Utilitarian ethics
Kantian ethics
Virtue ethics
Choose another 2 from the traditional theories list:
Ethical Egoism
Ethical Relativism
Divine Command Theory
Natural Law Theory
Social Contract Theory
Choose an additional 2 theories from the contemporary or non-Western list:
African ethics
Eastern ethics
Feminist ethics or Care-based ethics
Postmodernism ethics
Environmental Theories (Ecofeminist, Deep Ecology)
Technical Requirements: