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Read Nicholas Carr’s essay “Tracking is an Assault on Liberty.”


Read Nicholas Carr’s essay “Tracking is an Assault on Liberty.” As stated in the text (528) “Carr is a leading critic of the Internet and often writes about the dangers of spending time online. In this 2010 essay for the Wall Street Journal, he cites examples of how corporations collect and use our personal information, warns of potential abuses of such data mining, and advocates new rules for protecting consumer privacy.


Consider this question: Is Carr correct in his arguments about the abuses of the internet? Why or why not?
Then, select three features of the internet and develop an argument stating whether or not these features abuse user information.
You may use as references the following two essays that also address the issue of internet abuse: Jim Harper’s “Web Users Get as Much as They Give” (535) and Lori Andrews’ “Facebook is Using You” (541)

Required Format

Essay Length: 5-7 well-developed paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain a minimum of 8-10 sentences.
Follow MLA formatting guidelines, including a correctly formatted Works Cited page at the end of the essay.