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Reflect on a personal experience of change. This could be moving home to another location. Consider what the change meant to you, its impact, what you did to manage the situation, what you learnt from the experience and what else you would and would not do if you were to re-live the situation again. Consider also how you would apply this learning to working in business in the future.

Key Marking criteria will include: Referring to yourself and your own experience. Use I and me and my. Although personal pronouns are not usually used in academia, reflective work is an exception. As you are detailing your own experience, personalisation is essential. Originality Assignment Structure: clarity of aims, objective, structure and presentation Quality of Writing: Readability and ability to convey key message(s) concisely Show an understanding of relevant literature and established knowledge. It is true that you yourself will be the resource for a significant amount of the content of this assignment. However, you will also need to include academic references to support some of your arguments and statements. Insightfulness of your analysis: Interest and usefulness of thoughts and findings, conclusions drawn. Be open, honest, self-critical, self-praising, and comment on your thoughts and feelings. Overall Quality of Assignment Accuracy, extent and format of referencing; There are a 10 of references required but you will need to demonstrate that you have engaged with the literature.Ok , because its going to be personal reflection so i need you to talk about someone who left their home country because of war, lack of basic life’s needs , (make a scenario that is could give high marks).i will explain in details how the structure is going to be:you need to answer these questions :1-What that change ment for me? 2-What impact it has on me?3-how did it make me feel?4-What did i do to manage that situation ?5-What ive learnt from that experience?6-How i can apply it in a real life workplace .(please DONT write the questions on the paper they are just to guides you)i will now tell how to start and finish the reflection :First, Describe what the change was ,what happened (should be short paragraph)Second ,should reflect on what the change meant to you(Here link it with feelings ,what were i thinking , what was my feelings at that time?)Then, About the impact on me?what was the goods and bads about the experience (evaluation section).Then what i have did to manage the situation .Then , the conclusion section ,where else i could have learnt from that? Then, The action plan , So if that situation rules again then what would i do about the assignment its also need to apply that what i have learnt into workplace (make it a long section and reasonable ).TO GET the work nice please include the following :USE the bridges model of personal transition (like ENDIND then move to NEW BEGINNING then the NEUTRAL ZONE . please a reaseacch about them) i have added a suggestion reading they will help you a lot to get resources and cititions.then USE the haze and hide psychological stages of transition. then USE Radical VS. incremental changes Use what ever methods but link them with Ending,Neutral zone and Beginning.Use Denial and Depression and anxiety stages of that psychological transition model.was the change is incremental? was it Radical? or both?use Statistics on refugees have moved to another loctions and different newhome and how they succeed (give it as a citition)please dear Writer i need 10 cititions at least.Hints and Tips:clear Intro /Conclusion. Write in a Paragraphs format NOT in bullet points please.use APA refrencing .Be critical in the whole reflection report i dont want any simple descriptions. Reflect on a Strong points and also you can write as the first person so using I and IAM is permitted .LAST thing and to remember is i have uploaded the key marking about the Discuss , Reflect and Concludein order to get 70+ in the markings