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Reflection on Custody

You must complete the below reading reflection template for each of the three assigned custody articles (attached above). In short, do NOT save this assignment to the last minute. Also, do not freak out when you see the length of the articles; as you will quickly see, law journal articles are heavy on footnotes, which you are not required to read.
Please be as detailed and thoughtful as possible in your responses! Your job is to show me (and your group, if your opt to do this as a group project) that you have spent the necessary time carefully reading and analyzing each article.
Carefully read each question and be sure that your answer is responsive to it. Do not wander off on tangents. However, if you have something to say that is not covered by my questions, by all means add these thoughts to the end of the below document!!
Your three completed reading reflections are due to me by noon on 4/29. Also, please send them as WORD rather than as PDF documents.