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relating to computers in our society

Compile a seven-page paper relating to computers in our society. It could be something emerging, an item you would like to enhance or the history of how a computer product has evolved over time. Use the Library Assignment handout and locate seven sources from a variety of sources such as: books, magazines, journal articles, newspapers, the internet etc. Do not cite sources from just websites. Your paper should not have cited material from, however explore the online databases such as academic search complete, news banks, CQ researcher etc.
Your paper should have a cover sheet, five or more pages of documentation completed in MLA style and a Works Cited page. Here is a link that will help you with citing:
(Links to an external site.)
**Note, we utilize Turn-It-In to check authenticity of your submission. Do not cut and paste your information from websites and other electronic sources since it may flag as plagiarism. Instead, read the content then paraphrase your work in your own words.
***Select Next to view attached Library Assignment to locate online resources from ebooks, magazines, newspapers, journal articles and online databases. (worth 10 extra credit points).