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relationship between parents and practitioners in early years

this is a dissertation so ill be very specific about what i need ive sent a structure im attached files dont worry about the word count on the file ive sent just follow the format but amount the whole research project to 6000. This is a research project about relationship between practitioners and parents it is a research project not an essay so please do not treat it like an essay be descriptive and use sources but not the whole way through. due to covid schools have closed so this isnt an experiment i was able to carry out. do include it in the assignment. explore what are the kind of communications that practitioners in reception classes think its important for their children and the also examine the effective of this in reception in relation to parents – this is the main aim of the whole projectexplore language barriers, economy, the parents level of business. what could be done to better improve partnership with parents? please speak a lot about the EYFS.methodology- focus interview by using unstitched questionnaires.