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Research paper based on the book “Soldiers Alive” by Ishikawa Tatsuzo

Firstly, it is imperative that the research paper is primarily based on the book “Soldiers Alive” by Ishikawa Tatsuzo. Second, it CANNOT be a mere summary of the facts and content.Please be sure to write an analysis with copious evidence/citations that puts together the following questions into a coherent thesis.What was the motivation for Japanese to fight?How did the Japanese soldiers regard the Chinese?What was it like to be a Japanese soldier fighting in China?What atrocities did Japanese soldiers commit and why?What effect did warfare have on Japanese soldiers?The paper MUST cite the book “Soldiers Alive” for about 50% or so in support of the arguments for the questions above, with the rest of citations relying on 2-3 other sources. The arguments must be convincing.Thank you