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Retail Boutiques and Shopper behaviour

It is a business plan to do. I attached you the business plan to rewrite. You should rewrite it according to all the guidelines I sent you. Moreover, you should change the design so that the business plan will look nicer.In the file named “business Template” you should only focus in what is written in red (really important to follow the guidelines) !A 3,000-word business plan for a start-up retail boutique.The business plan must include the following elements: Marketing research (both primary and secondary, catering to the industry, customers and competitors) Financial forecast and profit & loss account Company information (description of the products/services available) Branding (logo, font, retail floor plan or website design) Appendices Line spacing of 1.5.Further relevant sections can be included (e.g. HR and personnel involved in the start up business, legal structure, industry-specific details)In the file called “guidelines to follow” it is really really important to follow it carefully please!The teacher gave us advices saying what to do and what not to do.If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me !!