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RyanAir competitive analysis

Q1. Critically evaluate the key emerging issues & industry trends in the global airline industry. 5-6 key emerging issues (Approx. 600 words) maximum 625 words.Q2. Critically evaluate the importance of organisational culture, CSR and reputation management to the strategic performance of Ryanair. (Approx. 600 words) maximum 625 words.Q3. Using Barneys VRIO framework, critically analyse Ryanairs core competencies and weaknesses compared to other competitors (European airline competitors).Note: You should use statistical evidence and financial key performance indicators (KPIs) to support your answer.(Approx. 600 words) maximum 625 words.Q4. Critically evaluate the optimal strategic recommendations that Ryanair should consider to help them to continue to achieve the shareholder growth they experienced up to now.Note: You should use the SAF strategic options framework (suitability, acceptability & feasibility) to narrow down to 2-3 optimal strategies for the immediate future.(Approx. 600 words) maximum 625 words.