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safety management plan

As your term project, you are required to formulate your own versions of a Safety Management Plan. The two samples that I provided can be followed but should not directly copied. Your Safety Management plan should be approx. 10 to 12 pages. The typical Safety Management Plan, as shown in the samples, usually have much more than 12 pages. You will have a challenge to compress your work to only 12 pages. Please pay attention to the important topics. I suggested some topics as a guide only.

Below are suggested topics, your actual topic can vary, based on the organization that you write about.
Topics could include:

Introduction or Purpose
Safety Strategy
Training requirements
Safety Roles and Responsibilities
Risk Assessment & Controls
Records Management
Walking surfaces trips and fall
Reporting Hazards & Near Misses
Emergency Planning, or…
Evacuation of the Workplace
Work Requiring Permits
Lock out Tag out
Personal Protective Equipment
Manual Handling & Lifting of Materials
Compressed Gas Cylinders
Excavations & Trenching
Communication required by OSHA
Accident Investigation
Accident Reporting
Analyzing and updating the SMP plan