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Science fiction, and the different types of utopia in the works of Arthur C. Clarke, and Philip K. Dick During The Golden Age, and New Wave in science fiction literature

literature review of the different types of utopian in the works of Arthur C. Clarke( 2001 space odyssey, Childrens end, Aginst the fall of night) and Philp K. Dicks ( Ubik, Do androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Time out of Joint )Explain how real-world science fiction managed to alter the way humanity uses science and technology to impact its view on achieving utopia. And how real-world Science fiction impacted science fiction writers induing Arthur C. Clarke, and Philp K Dick work during the 50s(the golden age of science fiction. and 60s(the new wave of Science fiction)Explain all the different type of fo utopian, including dystopian and the way these ideas can be achieved. when the ideas of science and technology meet together. And how the real world science impacts the work of Arthur C. Clarke, and Philp K Dick during the golden age and the New Wave, during the time o real-world science fiction of the 50s, and 60s ( space race, nuclear bomb) works present the ideas, and potential warning of achieving utopia with its depends on science and technology.Determine what has already been written on a topicProvide an overview of key conceptsIdentify major relationships or patternsIdentify strengths and weaknessesIdentify any gaps in the researchIdentify any conflicting evidenceProvide a solid background to a research papers investigation