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select a country in the list of the top countries to do Business in

– Select two countries
– Write a 3-4 page analysis for what makes the two of these countries stand out amongst the 195 countries in the world to do business in.
– Please write a little about the state of that countrys economy, its population, its GDP, its education level (human capital level), and then get into what the newspapers/magazines/business press is explaining about why those countries are the preferred countries to do business in.
– Please make sure that for your paper you have at least FOUR different articles that you use for your paper.
– Here are some sites that can help you through the research paper. Feel free to find other sites as well, but here are some sites you can use:

‘Best Countries’ 2020: Which Nations Ranked Highest — and Why?

– sources that can be used for the research paper
financial times
business week
CEO world magazine
Business Insider
New York Times
Los Angeles times
Wall Street journal
Washington post