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Select an article from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Daily Global Health Policy

Select an article from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) Daily Global Health Policy Report. the article. Explains why topic is relevant to global health.APA style, sixth edition.FOLLOW THE EXACT EXAMPLE BELOW.Article Title: Hong Kong Reports Second Case of Deadly Bird FluSummary – Hong Kong health officials have confirmed their second case of avian influenza in a week. An 80-year-old man, who was recently treated in another hospital for a chronic illness, has been transferred to a different hospital where he tested positive for avian influenza. Currently, he is in isolation. Earlier in the week, a 36-year-old woman was confirmed to have the disease. She had traveled across the border where she purchased a chicken, killed it, and then ate it. This virus usually happens among birds. However, it has recently begun to affect humans. It has infected 136 people, killing 45 of them, within 12 Chinese provinces. All cases happened as summer ended. Health officials are concerned because this city has 7 million people and is a global transportation hub. The government has activated their preparedness plan for influenza pandemics. Infection controls have been tightened at hospitals and visiting hours are limited. Health checks are also being conducted at borders to screen visitors (Gough, 2013).Relevance to Global Health Policy – This article relates to the Global Health Policy course because it demonstrates how important it is for key players to work together in protecting citizens from deadly diseases. Public health officials must receive assistance from the government in order to create and implement policy. Local healthcare facilities must also create programs, which limit exposure to disease while receiving care. When countries, states, and local officials are prepared for outbreaks they can provide quick response times limiting how many people are affected.ReferenceGough, N. (2013). Hong Kong Reports Second Case of Deadly Bird Flu. The New York Times. (Links to an external site.)