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Sex Therapy Paper

Imagine that someone from church asks you to explain sex therapy. Write a 2-3 page paper addressing:How you would explain the need for sex therapy;How you would describe what it is/entails;How you could integrate a faith component into this explanation.Be sure to integrate information from your reading this week and cite at least 2 sources, demonstrating that you are translating professional literature for use with a lay audience.Rubic of grading,Explanation: Paper clearly describes the purpose of sex therapy and how it can be helpful. It also mentions at least 2 examples of what it entailsFaith Integration: Paper incorporates a faith integration piece, making the description of sex therapy relevant for a Christian audience. It includes at least 2 specific Scriptures or theological ideas.Organization & Formatting: Paper is well-written and clearly organized. The language is appropriate for a lay audience, avoiding the use of overly technical terms or ideas. It is free from grammatical errors and formatted in APA style. It is at least 2 pages in length and incorporates at least 2 materials, which are listed on a reference list at the end of the paper.