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Should Juveniles be Charged as Adults for all Crimes?

1. Research Question and Working Thesis
Keep in mind: The research question and working thesis are the driving force behind your research and eventual argument.

Your research question should be a single sentence, framed as a question.
Your working thesis should be a single focused sentence, framed as a statement that takes a clear position on the research question.
Include your research question followed by your working thesis.
2. Detailed Outline
Keep in mind: Your detailed outline provides a map of the argumentative research essay that you will write, including your key claims and the sources that support them. You may not have all your sources yet, and that is fine. The outline is a way to organize your essay and determine which areas (e.g. your sub-points) will require researched evidence as support.

Headings: one for each paragraph with a brief label of the paragraphs controlling idea(s); at least 7 body paragraphs, an introduction, and a conclusion
Introduction includes your working thesis.
Body paragraphs should each have their own unique title and key points.
Conclusion includes notes on your final thoughts.
Subheadings: two to five for each paragraph, below each heading, indicating key points that support the controlling idea
Sources: one to three for each subheading, as relevant, indicating the support for the key point
For each source, include the authors name and the idea or information relevant to your argument (e.g. Lapp on mono-cropping corn/soy and production).
3. Reflection
Have you displayed a clear understanding of the research activities?
Have you answered all reflection questions thoughtfully and included insights, observations, and/or examples in all responses?
Are your answers included on a separate page below the main assignment?
C. Reflection Questions
DIRECTIONS: Below your assignment, include answers to all of the following reflection questions.

Learning to conduct research is important because it is a skill you will use both in academia and in your professional life. It improves critical thinking and empowers you to find information for yourself. Consider the process of researching as a whole. What was the most challenging aspect of the process for you? (2-3 sentences)
The working thesis statement is a proposed answer to your research question. It should clearly identify a debatable topic and take a position on one side of that topic. Analyze the effectiveness of your working thesis statement. (3-4 sentences)
A detailed outline is an effective tool for laying out the progression of an argument. It allows you to consider the arrangement and organization of your ideas, as well as choose places to incorporate outside source materials. Review your detailed outline and summarize the argument you’ve presented. (3-4 sentences)
You will use the same topic on three of the remaining Touchstones in this course. What kind of feedback would be helpful for you? What are specific questions you might have as you go deeper into the research process? (2-3 sentences)