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Should Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder be taken more seriously considering the struggles of everyday life?

Cover Page (5pts)
Outline (25pts)
Paper (50pts)
Works Cited (25pts)

Use the following Study Guide as Final Research Essay Grading Rubric

Cover Page (5pts)

Centered, correct order, quad-spaced :

Title (no quotes; no u/l; no ital; creative, if possible),
Your name
Course & Section
Date (date European style)

Outline (25pts)

Header i ii iii
Outline (only): centered, cap rule, no ital, no u/l, no bold
II. Topics, cap-rule (first last all-important) III. IV. V. /
Sub-topic, cap-rule (first only), A B C/1 2 3/a b c/ I ii iii (no 1 w/o 2, etc)
Double spaced; tab, dbl tab, triple tab
I. Introduction: three parts, labeled: A.G., Thesis, Adv. Sum.;
VII. (?) Conclusion: three parts, labeled:
Thesis Reworded, Topics Restated, Creative Unique Personal Closing

Essay (50pts)

Header 1 2 3
Title, as above on Cover Page
Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font
Each Topic Section starts with a Topic Sentence (Transition term, Thesis, Topic)
Citations in-text!!!; make an effort to follow:
you-set-up, researched info, you-explain/comment

No first-person (no I, me, my mine, we, our);

No second-person (no you, your, yours, yourself);

Limited use of it, this/that

The three sources are attached.
Reference page/ Work cited – please use MLA 8 format