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Small Group Reflection

This paper focuses on reflections of the small group experience this semester. Answer these questions: What were some of the highlights of your small group experience? How did the composition of the members affect the group? What types of decision making used in the group? What stages did the group go through during the course of working together? How would you evaluate the work of the group? What did this experience teach about working wth groups? Please include my insight: Being put into a small group allowed us to encounter insights and perspectives in a more personal level. We were a total of 6 members. There were 2 quiet ones, 3 outspoken with similar public school experience, and 1 not too quiet and not to outspoken. We all came to together in a consensus decision making. We all knew each other from being in previous classes together. We did one activity in class then one more online due to the Covid-19 Virus. We all felt it was not the same experience as it was in class. The change was difficult for us all. I feel I can not evaluate this group properly. Working with groups has allowed me to see the importance of group work. It is a tool to help others interact with one another and change their behavior. Use these books in additional materials.