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Social conscious shopping and environmental impact on third world countries.

Main question: What are the ways the evolution of fashion (going into the current phenomena of fast-fashion over the past decade) reverberate in the present and impact contemporary environmental struggles and human rights in third world countries?
-Two third world countries to focus on: Bangladesh & India.
-Base a lot of the fast-fashion research information from the Netflix show: (source 1) Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj episode “The Ugly Truth of Fast Fashion”.
-Take Minhaj’s words, “Society’s desire to look good is taking a huge environmental toll and putting workers at risk”.
-How the U.S. and other world leading countries view BD and India as barbaric and feel that they can dump their waste there, putting the people living in those countries at health risks.
-Leading brands in America such as: Nike, Forever 21, H&M, others really misuse the workers in the garments factories/sweatshops. Making them work in unhealthy environments and underpaying them a lot!
-Options for other two sources can be online newspaper articles.