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social media and human trafficking

The purpose of the final assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of research design.You will be writing a research proposal. Word limit: 3,000 words (+/- 10% excluding references).@ Coversheet (available on Modules, please use the provided coversheet)@ Title page (title of project, abstract (max 200 words), keywords)@ Introduction (introduce your project, including the background/context and aims of the research)@ Literature review (based on previous assessment)@ Research questions@ Methodology/data collection method (the flollowing details are required: what research method will be used, what data will be collected, when/how/where data will be collected; additionally a survey questionnaire draft (for the case of survey research) or analysis frame (for the case of content analysis research) can be added to the report as an appendix) (see the exemplary final reports on Modules)+ Ethics (is your study required to apply for Ethics approval? what are potential ethical problems in conducting your research? how would you ensure to address the potential risks?) (See materials on Week 7 Module and Lecture)@ Analysis (a brief description of what data analysis method/tools (or software) will be used, for example, statistical data analysis using SPSS, Excel, thematic analysis, document analysis, etc.)@ References@ Appendix (survey questionnaire draft, coding schemes, etc.)Marking criteriaEvidence of understanding of research methodologies, methods and techniques, as discussed in research literature, textbook readings, lectures and exercises (20)Overall quality of the proposal (40)Knowledge of the procedure of data collection (20)Your understanding of risks, benefits, consent involved in research (10)Identifies which academic referencing style is being used and applies it correctly (10)