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Social Media participation and consumption has increased since social distancing and quarantining have been required. How has your social media patterns changed since mid-March? This phenomenon can b

Demonstrates a clear understanding of related course material. Ability to use the sociological perspective is reflected throughout the paper. Paper includes a thorough introduction that explains why you chose this location and how it is unfamiliar to you. Illustrate how this location is unusual personally and that it clearly offered the opportunity for sociological practice. Must discuss ALL four major sociological theories: 1. functionalism 2. conflict theory, 3. symbolic interactionism, 4. post-modernism. Illustrate a clear understanding of the theories by integrating the approaches throughout the paper. Must highlight, underline, italicize or bold them. You must thoroughly discuss ALL the following: 1. Sociological imagination 2. Culture 3. Subculture 4. Symbols 5. Language 6. Values 7. Norms and/or Mores and or Folkways 8. Taboos and/or Sanctions 9. Socialization 10. Ascribed Status OR Achieved Status. Plus 7 additional concepts: 1. Material culture 2. Non-material culture 3. Pop Culture 4. Deviance 5. Poverty 6. Parenting 7. Systems of stratification.