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Social Work Role in a Pandemic

Write a paper entitled, Social Work Role in a Pandemic. This paper should be a combination of reflection (your thoughts), and summary of the evolving situation as you understand it. A minimum of 3 sources should be cited, but may include newspapers, magazines, and/or trusted websites. In addition to gathering general information about the pandemic and the public response, look at websites such as NASW regarding their thoughts/directives on the roles of social workers during this time. Please be sure to touch on the following:

Your understanding of a pandemic in New York
Impact the rapid spread of COVID-19 has had on you (in what ways might you be vulnerable and/or privileged?)
How might this pandemic be impacting the clients you have been working with this year? In what ways might they be at risk?
How has your agency responded to the pandemic?
Do you think social workers should be considered essential staff in your agency?
What social problems might arise as a result of this pandemic what are your concerns about how the virus and/or the community response might impact individuals, families, or groups? What might social workers be able to do to help?
Has this impacted your view of the social work/helping professions? If so, how?