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Some say that adopting IFRS will cost a fortune and a lot of time, but I say it’s worth it: The US should adopt IFRS.

Since weve spent a lot of time becoming aware of our fields this semester, you could use the resources you
identified and explored in your Discipline Analysis project to get leads on possible issues, controversies, or
debates in your field (see your responses to requirement #5 in your guide!). Once youve identified an
ongoing issue, you will, of course, do preliminary research to determine whether its interesting and viable
and to help you develop and refine your research question. Then, you will begin collecting sources to use in
your article to answer that question in the form of a thesis.
When writing your researched argument, youll want to include the following elements:
an introduction that offers a clear, concise explanation of the issue and the views to which youre
responding (the they say);
a thesis in which you take a stand or state your position on the issue and/or provide some kind of

For this project, you will write a researched argument article that enters into conversation with other practitioners in your
field. You will pick a professional controversy, issue, or debate that is ongoing in your field and write a thesis-driven, wellresearched argument that investigates that issue. Based on your research and analysis, you will situate yourself within this
debate, synthesize your findings, and provide some recommendation or solution to readers of a prominent trade
magazine in your field .
solution or recommendation (the I say);
the background or context your audience needs to follow your argument;
some indication of this issue or debates significance for your readers (the So what?/ Who cares?);
a well-developed argument that synthesizes research from five outside sources (at least one of which
must be scholarly) to support your claims;
an acknowledgement of potential counterarguments and a rebuttal that explains why your position is
still the most viable one;
a conclusion in which you reaffirm your thesis or solution and take your argument and your readers a
step beyond; and
audience- and genre-aware language
For this project, you should use the preferred style guide in your field (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) to cite
your sources and format your Reference page. Please also double-space your article, type in 12-pt Times
New Roman font, and follow the rest of the formatting guidelines listed on pg. 8 in the syllabus.