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Song Analysis – “Simarik” by Tarkan

3 pages (min. and max.) (in addition to bibliography page)

Listening choice is going to be “Simarik” by Tarkan from the middle east. explore how Tarkan, a German descendant became a Turkish pop singer and how his career began. also, what kind of style is Simarik” by Tarkan.

Final written assignment, you are to examine a song from one of the soundscapes we discuss in class (Africa, Middle East, India, or Europe) and describe its relationship to the broader cultural context. What does the song reveal about culture? How does it reflect the artist’s world view? How do its musical elements characterize a distinctive musical style? you will be required to provide background on the artist and song style, provide an analysis of the song’s musical elements, and explore the song/style’s relationship to culture.