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Starting With Locke by Greg Foster.

A paper that talks about:
-What are the main arguments that the author makes?
-What ideas, issues and historical figures that we specifically discuss in our class does the author discuss?
-How does the author illuminate these issues, ideas and historical figures?
– In what way does this book contribute to your knowledge of modern America?
Write a college-level paper. A college-level history paper answers some burning question or questions in your mind about the book throughout the paper. The paper is about these answers youve come up with to these questions. Perhaps youve heard this called the thesis.
Use quotes. But do not use quotes just to use them. Use them to further your argument. Tell me why you are using the quote. Quote. And then ramble on for a while about the quote.
Use your quotes to do a close reading. What is that? It is what we frequently do in class. Look at your quote and dissect it. Squeeze it for information. Make it yield up every drop of juice it can. Only then should you move on.
Go to the library. See what other authors have to say about the same subject. Then, quote those other authors. Or quote authors weve read in class.
Make certain that youve read the entire book and that that comes through in your paper.
Put the book into the context of the course. Discuss the ideas in the book that we also discuss in class. Make your paper a part of our colloquy.