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State of Massachusetts Emergency Preparedness; detailing the aspects of the states planning, responding, and recovering from the pandemic, COVID-19.

Disaster Project Paper Outline :
I. Abstract A brief summary of the paper, 150-250 words. Discuss the main points of the topic and list any of the important abbreviations that will be presented, such as CDC or NIMS.

II. Background Introduction to the paper includes the type of disaster and how the problem of the pandemic began in China on 12/10/19.

III. Discussion The disaster type will be reviewed by using the following sections:
A. Scenario This is the story about the disaster. Your story should start with the unfolding first events in Massachusetts.
B. Disaster Details
i. Prepare – This section details the policies and procedures used in the disaster.
a) Policies/procedures Who is in command in Massachusetts?How are the general operations of the state in regards to the COVID -19 virus being managed?
b) How is the governor utilizing the states existing preparedness?
c) Personnel available for the areas and how to enlist more help? List organizations such as fire, police etc. to detail how the disaster was managed.
ii. Respond What needs to happen? Was there a need to lock down or close parts of Massachusetts? When did this occur? Is it continuing?
a) Sending personnel to help other departments or sending staff into the field.
b) Evacuation and how this was done?
c) Protecting the residents Stay in place.
d) Are the plans working, did the state need to change a strategy?
e) Have private organizations helped the state to get needed supplies? How is the federal government helping?
f) What essential areas/store or services remain open?

iii. Recover Return to normal, what is happening in the aftermath, what still needed to be done to help in recovery phase?
a) Do you need to rebuild or regroup? Evaluate the results, discuss what happened. What are the next steps for the future?
b) Is it economic help?
c) Do we need recovered employees to return to healthcare? How do we know they are safe?

IV. Conclusions and Recommendations What did you learn and how do we improve for the future in Massachusetts.