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Statistics in Firearms and Tool Marks Identification

Paper Format: 10 pages, 1.5 line spacing, 1 inch margins, APA format for references.

Research Paper: One 10-page research paper is required. This paper must contain a minimum of 5 peer reviewed, published scientific journal references. The topic will be on a Firearms Discipline issue or topic of your choosing.
All references and in-page citations should follow a proper format. If you do not have citations in your paper it will be considered plagiarized and you will receive a zero for the paper and further action may be taken. All papers will be submitted to Direct Submit which is the Universitys content checker for written work.

This paper is about statistics in forensic firearms and tool mark examination/identification. The science of firearms examination is a subjective science. An examiner compares bullets and other things under a microscope and determines matches. This subjectivity makes it difficult for the results to be held up in court. The development of a statistical model for this science is crucial to keep it relevant and for it to no longer be seen as a subjective science