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Strategic Analysis Report of Table Tennis England

Produce a report that highlights the key findings of a strategic analysis and makes recommendations for future strategies.Carry out a strategic analysis of a sports industry-related organisation or company . Apply appropriate strategic analysis tools such as: Swot Analysis, VRIO Framework, Porters 5 forces model,Generic Tows Matrix , Pestle Analysis or McKinsey 7-S framework and demonstrate critical understanding of strategic management theory related to your chosen organisation or company.(Internal and External). Based on your findings make recommendations for future strategic directions.Special Instructions:The presentation of your work should be of a professional standard and produced according to the following guidelines:To be presented in an academic report-style format: a Word Document to include an executive summary, auto-format contents page, titled, sub-titled and numbered sections, reference list, and appendices.Text should be 1.5 line-spaced and 11 point Arial font.Communication clear with a logical progression of relevant points presented in a correct academic report format. Correct use of English (spelling, punctuation, grammar & syntax).Appendices should be labelled and cross-referenced from text.