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Strategic Management & Corporate Responsibility

In the fruit drinks industry, keeping input costs under control are an important driver for financial returns. In the last few years, input costs have been rising due to the climate emergency and adverse weather patterns, as well as rising transportation costs. Profitability is under pressure. To address profitability concerns, the board of directors of Innocent Drinks ( are considering two proposals from their parent company: Proposal 1 – reduce the fruit content of the product Proposal 2 – source a proportion of fruit from non-sustainable sources The board of directors are sure, however, there may be other options. Instructions on Assessment 1. You are required to produce a 3500 word essay based on the following tasks: 1. An introduction to the company and its current approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability(10%) 2. With reference to appropriate theory, discuss the key tensions or dilemmas involved in being an ethical company (30%) 3. With reference to your answer to part (1) and part (2), assess each of the two proposals (40%) 4. State and develop one further proposal that the directors should consider in light of your answers to parts 1, 2 and 3 (20%).