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Strategic Marketing (Strategic plan)

You are asked to develop a strategic marketing plan for a company, and one of its products in particular, of your choice. The company may sell goods, services or both. It can be from any part of the world.It could be a not-for-profit organisation provided it has products that are sold to individuals or firms, e.g. a charity selling goods to raise money for the charitys work. You are encouraged to obtain secondary data on the company, its market and its competition. This can be supplemented by your own examination of its products, target markets, and communications, insofar as you can observe them from outside. A template plan is provided below. The plan deals with an existing product (or service) of the company, which you can choose. The plan should contain no more than 7 pages (plus references), with anadditional maximum of 2 pages for any appendices, single-spaced, all margins 2.5 cm (1 in). Use 12 point font. Font size within tables can be reduced to 9 or 10 font but make sure it is readable!A reference list must be included. This reference list should show, for example, the source of any secondary data you have used. The reference list does not count towards the 7-page maximum.THE FORMAT OF THE WORKMISSION AND FINANCIAL SUMMARY (1 PAGE APPROX GUIDELINES ONLY)IntroductionVery briefly introduce the company and product you are planning forMission statementIf you like the firms actual mission statement, feel free to use it, but please briefly comment on it. Or you are welcome to propose your own mission statement for the firm.Summary of business performanceSummarise briefly the businesss current performance and why it is good/bad.Summary of intended resultsSummarise your intended financial results and any other objectives the plan will meetover the planning period (typically 3 years).AssumptionsDocument any key assumptions on which your plan depends.MARKET OVERVIEW (1.5 PAGES APPROX)Explain briefly how the market works. While real plans might include PESTLE and market maps, for this plan please just include Porter 5 Forces and segmentation.Forces affecting industry profitabilityInclude a Porter 5 forces analysis with a brief commentary.Market segmentationInclude a segmentation of the market. Briefly justify your chosen segmentation method.If the firm makes very diverse products/services, focus on one current product/service.For a simple organisation (eg a caf), you might plan for the organisation as a whole, if you wish.SWOT AND PORTFOLIO SUMMARY (2 PAGES APPROX)Add a brief commentary for each table/graphic on what you conclude.Market attractiveness analysisCritical success factor analysisPortfolio summarySummarise the portfolio of segments using the Directional Policy Matrix.OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGIES (2 PAGES APPROX)List key objectives and strategies here. Here is a possible template. Optionally, you may wish to include a future version of the Directional Policy Matrix showing the impact of your objectives and strategies.CONCLUSION ELEVATOR PITCH (50 WORDS MAXIMUM)Imagine you have just bumped into the CEO of your company while travelling in the lift of your building. Suddenly you have the opportunity to convince the most powerful person in the company that your plan is a good one. Write a brief statement of the benefit of your plan to your organisation. Remember she is busy and wont have more than 30 seconds to listen to you