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Struggling student trying to find a way to pay for family/education ending in a death of sorts in relation to depression and anxiety over the pressure to pass and maintain a character.

Write an Analytical Essay on Death of a Salesman
Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller
Willie Loman is a salesman whose hyperactive dreams of prosperity cause him to drift from reality. His anxiety is amplified by the fact that he is being squeezed out of his job. In his financial hardship, he appears to be both unable and unwilling to pursue another type of employment.

The Assignment

Discuss the idea developed by Arthur Miller on the way in which dreams of prosperity affect or are affected by hardship.


Write an essay in present tense. Carefully consider your controlling idea (or thesis) and how you will create a strong unifying effect. As you develop your ideas, support them with appropriate, relevant, and meaningful evidence from Death of a Salesman.