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superheroes then and now

Think of all the movies you have seen in, say, the last two or three years? How many have been superhero blockbusters? Avengers, Wonder Woman, Thor Ragnarok, Deadpool. And how about Netflix: Daredevil, Punisher. It is fair to say that our culture has been consumed with mythological heroes. Even the extremely popular dramas such as Game of Thrones and Hunger Games, which may not be listed as superheroes, are certainly heroes of a new mythology. And illustrating and placing modern mythology within this context with other central issues of our time will be part of this paper. The essays we discussed in class by Natalie Hayes and Archie Bland establish this connection between the ancient world and mythology and our new growing cultural mythology. As mentioned, part of this assignment, in the beginning, will be presenting this connection with the ancient and the new. How are they the same? How have they been transformed? But this is just a starting point in this assignment. We also have had several essays addressing the advances and hypocrisies in Wonder Woman and Thor. Ragnarock. And these are the larger questions concerning this essay: 1. Is Wonder Woman a groundbreaking seminal work expressing new feminism? Or is it tired clichs in new outfits, new formats? Is it a true mythological representation of our times? 2. Is Thor a basic old school macho action hero of toxic masculinity or does he represent a change in how current masculinity is represented? Are we looking at a new age in how our culture defines manhood? 3. I am also open to suggestions on the superhero topic, but you need to request it in writing. Keep in mind there are ancient representations of women in ancient mythology, but it is suggested also to research her roots in post-WWII comics and even a TV series in the late seventies. You as a researcher should also be aware of the changing forces in feminisms over the decades. As for Thor, he has much deeper roots in mythology that I expect you to explore for their consistencies and changes. Also, feel free to mark the changes in Thor from the first to last in the extremely popular franchise. While the larger focus of this paper is Wonder Woman and Thor, feel free to use other characters or shows that illustrate your theme. This is a comparison-contrast on many levels: the old, the new, and the changing interpretations of gender representations. Don’t forget to use the library databases and don’t hesitate to ask the librarians any questions. They are extremely helpful.