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Supreme Court Cases

ESSAY 3Essays: This is an upper-level class, so you need to show you can do more than memorize material. To that end, you will write four (4) essays. You will be given prompts for writing your essays. You may have a choice in response topics or may be allowed to write a longer essay on only one. Be sure you read the instructions for each essay and topic carefully. You will be expected to use class readings (textbook and posted to Blackboard), lecture, discussions, and, if applicable, news items. Each topic response should be 3-5 pages in length and follow the format requirementsWriting Assignments: Everyone can improve their writing; thus, I strongly encourage you to review your submission with the Writing Center before turning in the final copy.TurnItIn: This course will use TurnItIn for written assignments. You will submit your writing through the assignment listed on Blackboard. TurnItIn will automatically review your submission. TurnItIn only accepts Word or pdf format. If you do not know how to use TurnItIn, see the tutorials on Blackboard. DO NOT submit your project through format: Each topic response should be 3-5 pages in length and follow the format requirements. The writing is to be in 12 pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Footnote or endnote style is preferred, but the parenthetical citation is acceptable. A Works Cited page must be included. The citation and works cited page information for class readings and lectures need only contain enough information for me to know where you got the cited material. Examples: Lecture 1-4-2019; Chart Federalist/Anti-Federalist. For information, you use from outside class, I need full citation information in Chicago, MLA, or APA style.Choose TWO (2) of the cases you discussed in the state/national exercise and write an opinion supporting your decision. You must refer to your discussion and refute contrary arguments made within your group. For EACH case, you will write 3-5 pages in the specified format. The writing on the two topics will be submitted as one essay (document) through Blackboard