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Technology has had a positive influence on human society

You will write a 5 page argumentative paper in which you critically engage a contemporary moral issue. You will take a position on your chosen issue and defend it taking into account potential counter arguments to your primary thesis. Ultimately, this paper will be the culmination of all of the skills you acquired through the materials and your collaboration with students in the class. Your paper will require at least 3 solid (well researched) premises & a strong (relevant) conclusion. It will also require at least one solid refute of another person/articles counter-conclusion. Your topic can range from complex to simple; the only requirement is that you make the strongest argument possible & have the facts/logic to back up your premises & conclusion (please “evaluate” – see chapter 8 – your sources properly). Opinions based on bias, stereotypes, or generalizations are strongly discouraged. Papers depending on opinion-only reasoning, or heavily-biased sources, will result in point deductions. Please cite all external sources using MLA standards (identifying the use of a source in both the body of the paper, as well as in a “Works Cited” or “References” page). The Works Cited/References page is EXCLUDED from the 5 page requirement.