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Temperature variable at the Marshal field site

The report should be no less than 15 pages and no more than 20. At minimum there should be an introduction section, an analysis section and a results/conclusion section. Your introduction section should include discussion of the instrument. (Make, Model, specifications etc. ) discussion of what event you picked to analyze and why? The make and model of our Instrument is [Temperature Probe Make Campbell Model HMP45c]The analysis section should have no more than two plots to a page. Each plot should have a figure be referenced in your paper, Plots should not take up more than half the page. (including the figure caption). Do not put them all at the end of the paper. This paper should be written as if the person reading it has no knowledge of the instruments or the location of the sensors. (The Location of the Sensors are Marshall field site, I am assigned Tower Two. There are two towers and we will be comparing the data for each tower. But also mainly talking about the data we observed at tower 2 )For Data analysis, each student will need to download BOTH datasets from each Met Tower and should , at a minimum, provide the following plots:1. Your instrument tower data for your specific variable (which in our case is temperature data from tower 2) with the other tower data for the same instrument (tower data from tower 1) This should include at least one full two-week (or more) plot of the sensor data from both sensors.. ( a time series plot with sensors from both towers)2.) Correlation plots of your instrument(temperature instrument tower 2) versus the same instrument on the other Met Tower (temperature instrument tower 1) for that same two (or more ) week period and a discussion of how well they do or do not correlate and why?3) At least one ‘case study’ event where you analyze the data from a shorter period of interest. Make sure you state in the introduction why you chose this period of interest. (for us we will analyze a cold frontal passage for temperature)4)Plots of all the other tower data from your tower (Tower 2) to include , air temperature, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, solar radiation and precipitation for your case study. Use the other sensor data to describe what was happening with the weather and to help further explain the additional information they provide as compared to just your sensor data. (For example winds coming around from the west cause you to see a jump in temperature , as well as dew point and relativity will drop in down slope, interpretation in solar radiation data due to clouds etc.)Data sets can be downloaded from the Marshall webpage. Step 1 go to. 2 Click on MarshallStep 3 For login details, please, contact the support team.Step 4 Scroll down to Other Plots (there you will see links to metro tower 1 sensors and metro tower 2 sensors )below is a link to an example project paper.. The example project paper talks about the wind sensor variable we are assigned the Temperature sensor variable. I will take care of the cover page.