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The Black Cat

Read The Black Cat, by Edgar Allan Poe (Links below). Explain the following: protagonist, antagonist, conflict, the resolution of the conflict, and important symbols represented throughout the story. Include meaningful quotations from the story to support your argument and go into as much detail as possible. Use resources from the Library databases for any supportive information. good way to organize this paper would be to begin with your thesis, then include two or three supporting paragraphs based on your argument.Thesis: make a clear statement about your topic. Explain the two or three points of argument you will use in your supporting paragraphs.2. Supporting Paragrapha. Supportive detail/quotationb. Supportive detail/quotation3. Supporting Paragrapha. Supportive detail/quotationb. Supportive detail/quotation4. Conclusion: restate your thesis and summarize your argument.5. Works Cited page